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Guild of Guardians Guild of Guardians


Pre-registrations are now open for Immutable’s highly anticipated mobile squad battler ‘Guild of Guardians’ which is currently slated to arrive in the Apple App...



Avalanche-based PC extraction shooter ‘Shrapnel’ has officially announced that their marketplace has launched, along with three days of STX2, it’s early access play test,...



Swedish game developer Antler Interactive officially announced their second web3 game ‘Cloudborn’ which is a fantasy RPG and the company plans to showcase an...

Buddy Arena


Singapore-based Web3 gaming company Affyn has officially unveiled their highly anticipated MOBA game Buddy Arena, which has Web3 functionality, as the mobile version of...

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Greedfall 2


Nacon has officially announced that Greedfall 2: The Dying World will arrive in early access, but it is unclear what players will get with...


While Payday 3 continues to struggle, forcing many fans to opt for it’s predecessor, a brand new, rather large, patch has arrived that will...

Diablo 4 Diablo 4


Blizzard had finally announced an official release date for Diablo 4’s long-awaited endgame dungeon during the most recent Campfire Chat developer livestream, saying that...

Terminator: Survivors Terminator: Survivors


The long-awaited open-world Terminator: Survivors, which was initially announced by Nacon back in July of 2022, has dropped a brand new cinematic trailer and...

Indie Games


Helldivers 2 Helldivers 2


Steam has seen two fake Helldivers 2 games pop up on their platform this week, trying to leverage the game’s immense popularity to scam...

Polygon, Earn Alliance Polygon, Earn Alliance

Blockchain Gaming

Polygon has officially announced a new partnership with Earn Alliance, a web3 gaming community & infrastructure platform, to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming,...

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