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Diablo 4’s Gauntlet Arriving Next Week

Diablo 4

Blizzard had finally announced an official release date for Diablo 4’s long-awaited endgame dungeon during the most recent Campfire Chat developer livestream, saying that fans can expect it to arrive on March 5th.

The Gauntlet of Diablo 4 is similar to Diablo 3’s Greater Rifts and will be available to players in World Tier 4 with monster levels beyond 100. It comes with a fixed layout that changes each and every week as well.

Depending on your final score, you can earn any one of four Seals and score thresholds for each will change as the dungeon changes each week. Completion will net you a Cache of Trials as well as higher rewards for higher scores and even better caches at the conclusion of the week.

Additionally, Vampiric Powers from Season 2 will be making a return and will be available as Legendary Aspects that from from everything within the world.

March 5th will also bring with it some class balance updates, however the full change log and patch notes have not been published at the time of this writing.

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