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Shrapnel’s NFT Marketplace Officially Goes Live


Avalanche-based PC extraction shooter ‘Shrapnel’ has officially announced that their marketplace has launched, along with three days of STX2, it’s early access play test, marking the second EAPT.

The new marketplace goes live  with 10 cosmetically-enhanced weapons. It’s important to note that the weapons do not offer any advantages related to gameplay, and are simply cosmetics. They are prices from 10 SHRAP tokens (around $3) to 50 SHRAP (around $13).

Players will be able to use these weapons in STX2 and while other players will not be able to loot them now, they may be able to in the future.

“The debut of our marketplace and premium cosmetics marks a pivotal milestone in our journey towards a unique Shrapnel economy that rewards creators and players in new ways,” Shrapnel CEO Mark Long said in an official statement.

“The feedback on our early versions of Shrapnel from Epic Games Store players has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re excited for our community to get their hands on the exciting new features of gameplay we’re launching at GDC this week.”

Furthermore, future Shrapnel NFT skins will be comprised of user-generated content as well as various collaborations with communities including NeoTokyo, Superverse, BoDoggos, Alchemy and Avalanche.


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