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Greedfall 2 Getting Early Access Release

Greedfall 2

Nacon has officially announced that Greedfall 2: The Dying World will arrive in early access, but it is unclear what players will get with the game’s arrival.

During a livestream discussing the game, Greedfall 2 producer Reda Isber stated that “Greedfall 2 is certainly a much more ambitious game than the first one. And so early access seemed like the right path to take. We’re relying heavily on early access to collect player feedback and see if we’re heading in the right direction”, according to PC Gamer.

“At launch, players will have access to the entire beginning of the game,” Isber said of what will be available at launch. “They will be able to explore new environments. And then we are planning updates at regular intervals. To be clear from the outset, saves won’t be compatible between the various updates.”

Then, the CEO of Spider (the development team) Jehanne Rousseau spoke about the game’s new combat system and how it differentiated itself from the prior game.

“It’s not turn-based but you still have this kind of control over your team, ” Rousseau said, “and for this specific reason having the feedback of the player was something that was super important—because it’s something new. We never did these type of controls before.”

Check out the latest cinematic trailer below:

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