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Warframe’s Dante Unbound Update Brings New Reworks, Page Master Frame, More


Warframe continues to show others how you have maintain longevity with a game and keep the community completely engaged and excited with updates that bring a host of new elements and features.

Warframe’s Dante Unbound update is no different, and the highly-anticipated update is slated to arrive sometime in March.

Digital Extremes’ creative director Rebecca Ford and community director Megan Everett recently spoke about what’s in store for fans in the future, including who exactly Dante (the game’s 56th warframe) is.

“I don’t know if we’re too soon to do a book warframe after the book weapon, but to be honest, the concept of Dante and doing this ‘page master’ warframe is something I’ve always wanted to do” Ford said, according to VG247. “I was very opportunistic. I put this kit together and asked Pablo (design director) if it was okay that I take this one with the team – I knew exactly the fantasy we were going for […] As a concept level we were working on him as early as last year.

“I knew I wanted a story-based frame, who could cast spells to tell the chapters with this custom UI so it feels that certain way. Since then, the design and implementation team have been nailing it.”

“I wanted Dante to feel like a classic god of knowledge! A lot of us really wanted this pointy wizard hat, so we’ve done that with the alternative helmet. I emphasized a lot on physique, power, and casting. Vadim took that and went all in on the owl as a reflection of knowledge, and turned it into that shape and silhouette that you can see today.”

There was also talk about Tennogen, which are fan-created items that can be brought into the game with profits being shared with creators and Digital Extremes.

“Tennogen is so special to us, and it was one of the most important things that we prioritized when we were doing our development of cross save specifically. We wanted to make sure that we maintained the safety of our artists. The difference between Tennogen on PC is bought through Steam, and on console it’s bought with Platinum. So we didn’t want people abusing that.”

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