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web3 gaming news web3 gaming news


A brand new collaboration will take place as South Korean publisher Wemade, which operates the Wemix Play blockchain gaming platform, is officially partnering with...

Magic Eden


NFT marketplace Magic Eden has officially launched a brand new gaming hub called Magic Eden Games, which will help players find the best NFT...

web3 gaming news

Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming group WeMade has officially announced a brand new partnership with Matter Labs, the development team behind  Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution zkSync...

Emergent Games

Blockchain Gaming

Web3 games studio Emergent Games has officially announced that launch of their brand new survival MMORPG game Resurgence which  aims to put its game...

Ascenders Ascenders

Blockchain Gaming

Legendary Foundry Games has dropped a brand new trailer for their upcoming open-world RPG ‘Ascenders’ which showcases the game’s environments and glimpses of it’s...

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